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middle-earth history meme: {2/3} men

Erendis, the Mariner’s Wife. 
Erendis was the wife of Tar-Aldarion, although they were estranged before he became king. She was a descendent of the House of Bëor and, therefore, had a shorter lifespan than the royal house of Númenor. She fell in love with Aldarion, but it was many years before they were betrothed. Although betrothals usually lasted no longer than three years and Aldarion was urged to have consideration for her shorter life span, it was many more years before they were married. For Aldarion was in love with the sea, and he was often away from Númenor. Erendis, on the other hand, was in love with Númenor, and especially the region of Emerië, and she always feared the power the sea held over her husband’s heart. After they had been married for a couple of years, she gave birth to a daughter, Ancalimë, and hoped that the need for a son and heir would keep Aldarion close, but when Ancalimë was still a small child Aldarion sailed again from Númenor, promising to return in two years. Ancalimë would prove to be their only child, and although only sons had inherited the rule before, she was eventually named King’s Heir and became the first Ruling Queen of Númenor. When Aldarion sailed, Erendis took her daughter to her house in Emerië, where all the servants were women, and taught her those things that would mould her daughter to her own mind. When Aldarion finally returned to Númenor, it had been longer than two years, and he found a cold welcome from Erendis, and they became estranged. When Aldarion was to be proclaimed King, Erendis and Ancalimë were summoned to Armenelos, but although she agreed to send her daughter, Erendis declined and lived out her days in Emerië. In her old age, hearing that Aldarion was returning from what was to be his last voyage, she journeyed to the haven of Rómenna and ‘perished in the water’.
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